Why lipivir?

Applying lipivir daily reduces the frequency of unsightly cold sore outbreaks.


of people who use lipivir see a significant reduction in cold sore outbreaks¹.

1. Senti G et al Dermatology 2013

In a clinical study, lipivir was applied twice daily for 6 months by people who usually experience recurrent cold sores. 80% of these cold sore sufferers experienced a reduction in cold sore outbreaks of 75-100%.

How it works

A medical innovation new to Canada, lipivir was discovered by scientists in Switzerland. lipivir is a prescription-free ointment made of a unique mixture of polyethylene glycols (PEGs): a safe ingredient commonly used as filler in products like skin creams, which scientists discovered interferes with the herpes simplex virus, preventing its ability to infect the healthy cells in your lips. Applying lipivir daily means that whenever a cold sore trigger wakes up the virus, lipivir is there to stop it from infecting your lips to produce a cold sore.


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Results may vary due to individual characteristics, history of cold sore outbreaks, and compliance; there is no guarantee of specific results.
You should see your pharmacist or doctor if you experience recurrent outbreaks while using lipivir®.