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Positive feedback from Canadian users

"It’s the best product to prevent cold sores hands down."*

Natasha, lipivir Amazon customer

"I have been using this product for a few months and as long as I faithfully apply it twice a day I haven't had an outbreak...and I get cold sores frequently so this is an exciting find for me. Will definitely continue to use this product in the future."*


"Love this product! Have being using it for 1 year now and for a person who suffers from frequent cold sores, this is amazing at preventing them!! Only product out there that works like this. So glad to be cold sore free."*

Cheryl, lipivir Amazon customer

"I've been using this product for about 5 months, and even got through the cold and flu season without one, single cold sore. I did feel that weird tingle the last time I got a cold, but it didn't develop into anything. I only use once a day, first thing in the morning, and I'm very impressed. Thanks, Lipivir!"*

D. Trip

"My daughter applies on every morning and so far so lip cold sores!"*


"Item as ordered...I find this product helps the cold sores. They actually do stay extremely small and unnoticeable and they heal quickly."*


"This product is great. Finally something that works. Was also shipped to me fast. Extremely happy."*


"No cold sores while using this product but also none since not using it. Cold sore relief"*


"It actually does stop cold sores- well worth the money."*


"This is a great product and the only one that actually works at keeping cold sores away. I use a little bit once or twice a day and it keeps my cold sores away."*


"At last, a product that works "*


"My daughter, who really suffers with her cold sores thinks this is by far the best thing she's ever tried!"*


"My tube of lipivir came just at the right time. I'm loving my lips now as the have cleared, so thank you."*


"lipivir smells really nice and makes your lips feel smooth and fresh. I highly recommend this product for anyone who suffers from cold sores whether it be regularly or just every now and then."*


"This is amazing. Can't believe I haven't used it before. So impressed "*


"This is a truly amazing product. It's so effective, where other product promise miracles and almost all fail to deliver. I honestly can't recommend it enough."*


"I've been plagued with cold sores for about 6 months now pretty much continuously. It's been awful for the last 3 weeks I have been using lipivir as a preventative and so far I have not had an outbreak."*


"This stuff really does work. Used it at the first tingle and my cold sore never even got started."*


"Great product that does what it promises"*


"I'm so impressed! I am telling my mother and aunt who also suffer."*



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*Results may vary due to individual characteristics, history of cold sore outbreaks, and compliance; there is no guarantee of specific results.
You should see your pharmacist or doctor if you experience recurrent outbreaks while using lipivir®.